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Keeping an eye on your IT

What we can do for your Business

Hainsnet provides computer support for all aspects of your business. Our support doesn’t just end at the desktop. Hainsnet offers a complete range of IT solutions, consulting and education for any size business.

Central Australia is a special place! Hainsnet knows this land well and what works and doesn’t work. Don’t be blinded by promises from I.T support businesses based outside Alice Springs as they don’t understand the unique issues, needs and desires of businesses located here . They will likely lock you in a contract, take your money and you will find your onsite response times and general customer service will suffer greatly as many businesses and organisations in town can testify.

Our aim is to deliver an equal level of service to remote areas outside Alice Springs as we provide in Alice Springs and at a similar cost, and with regular service cycles.

Call us before you reach for the hammer!

Business Set up

When you are starting up a business it is almost inevitably necessary to get an I.T. infrastructure set up. This highly depends on your current needs and future requirements.

There are various ways of dealing with I.T.:

  • purchase all hardware and software yourself and hire the personnel needed to setup, maintain and support all the hardware, software, and end users.  This is a very expensive option.
  • own the hardware, software and take care of the support and get someone else to assist when required. This is the most common way
  • fully outsource your I.T.

To get your business I.T. up and running takes a lot of different hardware, software and skill sets. Many small businesses find that fully outsourcing their IT needs to be the simplest, most economical way of going about this part of their business.

In any way it helps to make this decision by talking to our business manager who will assist you in determining the best option for your business.

Hardware Purchase

For businesses it is imperative to make sure that whatever component you want to add or replace matches the existing ones. There is nothing worse than taking advantage of that great offer and then realizing that it will not run properly in your existing environment.  A lot of money can be wasted on wrong purchases. Finding a suitable system out of the endless options available can be a challenge. Careful assessment and selection of a new or replacement component will ensure you get what you expect.

To get your IT up and running, at a minimum, you will need laptops, servers, firewall box, router, switch, a connection to your local telecom company, wireless access point and some wiring to connect the hardware boxes together so they can communicate. How big and expensive the server and networking hardware you need will depend upon your current and foreseeable future requirements.


Software is what turns the hardware from an expensive paper weight to something very useful. The servers will require a server operating system that needs to be setup and maintained.  The routers come with an operating system that will need to be configured and maintained as well.  The desktops will arrive with an operating system that will need to be setup and configured to work with the servers. You may also want Microsoft Office and Outlook (email) as well if you are going down the Microsoft route.  The software list could go on depending on your needs, but we think you get the idea.

Making sure that all these I.T. puzzle pieces fit together will increase your productivity.


Computer Maintenance is the practice of keeping computers in a good state of repair. A properly maintained computer can live well beyond its life expectancy just as with regularly servicing a car.

It comes in two forms. The first is by physically cleaning the computer itself which is highly recommended in our dusty desert climate and the second is by cleaning the “virtual computer.” The Virtual computer is everything inside your computer, system files, documents, programs, etc.

Regular maintenance will slow the decay, but the investment in such maintenance can be tough to justify in a tight economy when funds need to be used to deliver short-term, visible business benefits. Even if the current version of an application is running well, the next upgrade for many applications is going to involve a substantial change in the underlying infrastructure, which simply means spending a lot of money.

Our Maintenance plans range from as low as on hour per month to full 24/7 unlimited support.

Back up and recovery

With all your corporate information stored on a central server or on various computers it is very damaging if this data were to be completely lost in a system crash. A company that has experienced a major hard disk failure, system or network outage will know that not backing up their data on a regular basis can not only be disastrous but can be the difference between existing and being out of business.

Company electronic data has become the bedrock upon which most of today’s businesses exist. The sheer volume of data can be overwhelming, emails, word processing documents, spreadsheets, databases, intranets, graphic images, webpages and sites, the list goes on.

Your computer system going down, or the grid suffering a surge could have your business gasping.
Hainsnet will partner with you to set up and maintain a regular and reliable backup mechanism that can cope with your
future needs and ensure the highest possible level of data protection, as well as educating your staff on the importance of ensuring all critical business data is backed up regularly.

System Integration

In the modern world you want to be able to access your company files, eMails and more where ever you are at any time. This requires careful planning and integration of various systems. Whether you operate a one man business or a large company there are ways to make the mobile office work. The ideal  is to minimize the amount of paper used so everything gets directly integrated into your electronic office. Reducing the amount of time required to transfer paper records into the computer can dramatically improve your productivity, as you spend less time in the office and focus on making money.