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Keeping an eye on your IT

What we can do for you at home

Computers make our lives easy… Really? A fact is that more people swear more about their computer than about their own lives. But it’s not just the traditional PC’s….., Laptops, Tablets, Phones, TV, Amp…. Everything can network. Are you making the most out of it?

Hainsnet will assist you to set up your home PC, help you install games for your child, protect your family from explicit content, make sure your pictures and memories are safe and connect all sorts of gadgets to the network.

Hainsnet can help sort out your Techhnology.

Computer Purchase

To find a suitable system out of the endless options available can already be a challenge. Often you are left with the mood of the sales person. If they need the sales they’ll sell  you anything. This can leave you with something that doesn’t suit your needs.

For us it is not just about selling, but about you getting the perfect fit based on your budget and I.T. needs, as well as ensuring your system will be adequately supported into the future. Call us for advice that will get you through the jungle

Computer Set up

The key to a computer that does what you want it to is to have the correct set up. Most people have no clue what is happening when they turn on the computer for the first time. Although it all runs mostly automatic, computers are still computers. Most of them come with a lot of unneeded programs, trial versions of software as well as processes that slow the computer down unnecessarily. A clean installation according to what you need if for will guarantee a great reliable and optimised tool for your home.

Network Set up

That’s where it already starts to get tricky. In this age, home networks have a lot of devices that are capable of communicating with each other. The modem can be the gateway for the PC, TV, Game console, Mobile Phone, Storage and Internet. To set that up can be very challenging as the theory of plug and play often does not apply or work. Different brands have different standards, so it can be quite hard to get everything actually working as it is designed for and capable of doing.

Computer Upgrades

It is not always necessary to buy a new PC. In many cases an upgrade can keep your existing PC going for another few years at a fraction of the cost of a new one. If you only surf the internet and send a few E-mails there is no requirement to have the latest technology. It might also be that just one of the components is out dated and the replacement of that can resolve many issues. Get HainsNet technicians in to assess the problem, it can save you a lot of headaches.

Virus Removal

Sometimes it is not possible to save your PC, but in many cases a Virus or other infection can be removed. If your PC suddenly gets very slow or acts really weird, it is highly likely that you have picked up an infection. We will try to clean the system, but depending on the extent and type of virus infection and age of the PC it may not be worth while and damage control may be the best option.

Software Installation

Any software can help you with certain tasks. The most important ones are Anti Virus/firewall Software and back up software. The Anti Virus keeps you protected from viruses and malware and the firewall protects you from hackers and other intruders.  The back up software makes sure that in case of a system failure you do not lose all your precious data. As with any technology, you can overspend or underspend and it is hard to know what is right or even available.  HainsNET can advise and help you find the right balanced solution based on your I.T. needs.