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Are you looking for an intense and complete fitness Training? –  Then Polefit is the perfect workout for you.

Develop your fitness, strength and endurance with a non-ordinary sport.  Improve your body shape, muscle power and sense of rhythm with a mix of dancing, aerobics and acrobatics -the ultimate confidence blast.

Our classes are suitable for all types of students from beginner to advanced (see schedules for suitable classes). The timetable stays the same for most of the school terms, with adjustments during school holidays.. The classes consist of a warm up,  Pole Instruction and a cool down. You choose your time from the schedule in the appropriate level and if you are not sure we are happy to give you some advice.


Pole Fit


If you have never been on a Pole these are the classes that teach you the basics. We welcome all ages, body shapes and levels of fitness. The beginner level is not  about the crazy upside down moves. Here you get a basic introduction to the Pole that focuses on building upper body strength and flexibility. As you progress the level increases at your own pace.

Intermediate tba

Once you have gone thru the beginner classes (or have previous Pole experience) you can further increase your skills at the intermediate level. Here we focus more on combining moves out of the beginner classes and adding more complex moves that require more strength and flexibility.

Advanced tba

By now you are most likely to be a pole addict. These are our most complex and intense Pole classes building on the skills learned at the intermediate level. In these classes you will learn to master challenging advanced moves and to apply them in choreographed complex Pole routines.